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Five Healthy Lifestyle Hacks to Increase Your Success

So last week my 12-year-old, Marley, asked me if I wanted to see a life hack, so of course I said sure, what is it? She proceeds to show me her pop tab of her sparkling water can and turns it so the tab is over the opening. Then she puts a straw in the middle and says, “Ta-da! See now it won’t move around in the opening while you’re drinking it.” Thank you, YouTube, for educating my child on how to maneuver through this world yet again. LOL! It did make me think though of what “hacks” could help YOU be more successful with your healthy lifestyle. So, today I’m sharing five of them with you. 1. FOCUS ONLY ON WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL. In a recent Instagram post I shared one of my favorite quotes that I have framed in my office: “There are two things in life that we have complete control over… Our effort and our attitude.” I try to live by this daily. Our feelings are also wrapped up in our attitude. Sometimes you just have to dig deep to not react to the conditions around you, and instead find whatever you can that brings you back into some good vibes. I don’t know about you, but if I’m stuck in a mood, the last thing I want to do is eat healthy or workout. So I literally “practice” this by first recognizing how I feel, and then do what I can to get back to a better place as quick as I can. It is a conscious effort, but it works. This recently happened when I was feeling overwhelmed by a messy house, 6 loads of laundry and an unorganized office on top of my to-do list for work. For two nights I had been snapping at the kids and complaining that there was not enough hours in the day for me to get everything done. Marley chimed in again and kindly pointed out that I work every single day and she doesn’t see how I don’t get my work done. Ha, don’t you just love that? Not. But, bottom line was that I knew it was time to pull my head out of my ass and take control of my mood by thinking about what would instantly help me feel happy. Light bulb moment – a clean house and office! So that’s what I did. Instead of my long to-do list I got organized again, and it did wonders on my stress level for days. 2. SCHEDULE EVERYTHING! I think most of us rely on our digital calendar to make our lives run smoothly. And just like I schedule a client call, soccer game or doctor appointment, I also schedule my workouts, positive mindset time and some “Me time” (even if this is once a week or every two weeks). Although my mindset practice is only about 5 minutes a day, it still is important to me and it goes on the calendar. Otherwise, I am less likely to do it. YOU are just as important on your calendar as any work meeting or appointment, so schedule the healthy things that will get you closer to your goals. 3. BE BETTER THAN YESTERDAY. I coach clients to break everything down into small, manageable healthy actions that they implement one at a time. Just think that if you could be even be one percent better today than you were yesterday, think how those percentages would add up over time. In a year, that is turning your health completely around! Always think progress over perfection, and lose the “all or nothing” thinking. 4. EMBRACE CHANGE. So, you want your body or health to be different. But, the way you’ve gotten to where you’re at is most likely by eating the same old things and exercising or not in the same old ways. Am I right? I challenge you to embrace change and try new foods, try healthier drink options, try new types of exercise, and try new ways to decrease stress and get more sleep. Change is good! 5. FAILING IS PART OF SUCCEEDING. If you have missed some workouts or have not had the best eating day…. or weekend or week, for that matter – don’t beat yourself up. Accept your actions. Learn and remember how you felt from them. And, just move on! We are not trying to achieve a healthy day or a healthy week. We are trying to achieve a healthy LIFESTYLE, and life is still going to happen around you. Learn to adjust and make it work for you! Here’s to your successful and healthy lifestyle journey! Let’s get FIRED UPP! Nat

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.

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