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Five Secrets to Ease Your Way into a Healthy Lifestyle

Let me start by saying - Change is hard. I get it! First, there is the learning curve of not knowing things like… Is this workout going to tone me up? Is that food considered healthy? Then, once you know – it’s about changing your ways. Change can be really overwhelming. So much so, that it can be easier to just keep things the same and not rock the boat, so to speak. Yes, granted I consider myself a pretty fit mom now, but let me tell you, I wasn’t at first. Now, I’m not going to come here and talk about a “no excuses” approach today or wave my finger of shame, but on the contrary, give you some extra support and share ways that helped me ease into a healthy lifestyle. So, what did it for me? If you haven’t heard “my story” before, the short version goes like this…. In my 20’s I dabbled in and out of working out phases, got caught up in the "fat-free" mode and would basically eat as much crap as I could get away with (and I could eat sleeves of Oreos and doughnuts like it was nobody's business). When I became a mom of two in my early 30’s, I basically did not move my body with any type of exercise for six years. I had no muscle tone, I had cellulite and I was trying my hardest not to have to go up another size in my clothes. At 35, I was eating little protein, NO fruit, NO vegetables, NOT EVEN ONE ounce of water and sugar, sugar, sugar with all things processed!! If I was eating something, it came from a box or bag in my pantry, except for maybe my daily milk and orange juice. I finally had to accept my reality though that “my way” was the cause of my chronic migraines, dull skin, dry and brittle hair, fatigue, and non-existent muscle tone. I was done feeling that way and decided I was going to take back control and find my sexy again. So here are some of my secrets for you to get started on a new path, too… #1 Start Small

The “All or Nothing” mentality generally works for few people. Generally, I instead recommend focusing on always doing something. Start with one small, attainable change. Master it so it seems like a breeze. Then add another change or new habit. Most likely this will take a couple weeks per change. But, that’s okay because this is a lifestyle change, not a one-day or one-week overhaul. #2 Start Simple

The simplest way to ease into a healthy lifestyle is just to change the way some of our favorite foods are prepared. Let’s take chicken, for example – roast it vs. frying it; eat it grilled vs. breaded. Make sense? I’m not saying to completely eat like a rabbit, but don’t deep-fry those carrots and dip them in a ranch dressing bath. #3 Eliminate

Eliminate the food that doesn’t serve you or make you feel good (i.e. causes bloating, weight gain, tummy upset, fatigue, etc.). So for instance, if you have one of those new Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccinos every day or even once a week, that would be an easy item to eliminate. At 59 grams of sugar and 16 grams of fat, I can’t imagine you feel all that great afterward, so I’m going to tell you best to avoid this one altogether! #4 Eat Mindfully

Pay attention to your body. Many times, thirst can disguise itself as hunger. Stay hydrated to avoid the possibility of overeating. How are you feeling when you eat? Are you frustrated? Stressed? Mad? Tired? Or are you genuinely hungry?

Eating during an emotional “episode” can lead to increased consumption overall and a higher probability of eating unhealthy foods. If you couldn’t eat an apple in these moments, STEP AWAY FROM THE KITCHEN and feed your body with its real need like a hot bath, a quiet moment alone, a walk, etc. #5 Food is Fuel

On most days, think of food as fuel. In simple terms, think – does this food give me energy (fuel) or does it satisfy a temporary solution like hunger? I challenge you to think of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals you’re feeding yourself to live longer and be around for your family.

More importantly – ask yourself, “How does this food make me feel AFTER I eat it?” Are you energized or ready for a nap? If the latter, then there is your answer. Save the non-fuel foods for special occasions like a birthday here and there, and enjoy guilt-free. Yes, change is hard, but only at first. So, the real question is: Will your healthy lifestyle be ONE DAY or will today be DAY ONE of your healthy lifestyle? Let’s get Fired UPP, Nat P.S. If you are ready to dive in to 14-weeks of change all laid out for you step-by-step, I know you would love my Fit, Fueled & Fired Upp Blueprint program. Moms in this program are getting stronger and healthier each and every day. If you are still not sure if you’re ready, reach out via email, and we’ll set up a complimentary call to see what may be best for you.

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