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Are You Too Busy to Get Healthy?

“This is just a really busy week, and I’ll get back into things on Monday.”

“I’ve just have got too much going on right now. I can’t even stop for a second.”

“I have not been able to eat very well this week because I just can’t get to the grocery store.”

“I’ve had two birthday parties and a work event this week, and I just can’t stay on track.”

Who is guilty of one (or more) of these statements and/or similar ones at one time or another? Um, I know all of your hands are going up (including my own), right? Gotcha!

As a fitness and nutrition coach, I’ve heard them all… but I get it. I’ve said them, too. I say the busy one so much that my youngest sister likes to text me the “So Busy” Bitmoji making fun of me. HA! But, I’ve learned how to still get my sh*t done. (Excuse my French.)

The truth is, is that life IS super busy, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

We are ALL going to be “busy” the majority of the time. And it sure seems like there is always a holiday around the corner, a birthday party, a vacation, a work trip, company in town, etc. to get in our way. So when is the perfect time to put YOU first? Well, it sounds like now is as good as time as ever, don’t you think?

Here is my NO EXCUSES approach to getting healthy:


This is probably the hardest part of any life change, but it is simple. Decide. If you were having trouble reading all of sudden (hello! all of us 40+), you wouldn’t just ignore it, would you? No! You’d decide you needed glasses, and do something about it.

Same thing with feeling crappy about how you look and feel. Decide enough is enough and do something about it. You either want to be healthy and make a life change or you don’t. No one can force you into it – only you can decide.


You’ve heard the saying, “If you fail to plan, plan to fail.” Powerful, yet true. Planning does take effort, I’m not going to sit here and say it doesn’t. But here is what planning does: it takes away the stress and anxiety of the unknown. We all have the same amount of time during the day, but a planned-out week of healthy meals and snacks frees up some time for the fun stuff in life.


You schedule a meeting, doctor’s appointment, and even a special dinner reservation – why not schedule a walk, a bike ride, exercise class at the gym, or 20 minutes for a HIIT session in front of the TV? This doesn’t have to be limited to exercise either. I also schedule in rest and recovery activities and mindset into my calendar. I know if it’s not on my calendar, the odds of it getting done are slim.


You’ve decided, planned and scheduled your food, exercise, stress reduction and mindset – now it’s time to follow through and forge ahead. Believe and live like you are worth it – because you are!

Excuses erase dreams. So, don’t let yours weigh you down. You deserve to not only look and feel great, but also be the healthiest version of you in the one body that you were given.

“Find something you love and go for it with all your heart. No excuses, no plan B. Never settle for anything less than you know you can do. It will be hard, but I promise it will be worth it.” ― Charlotte Eriksson

Let’s get FIRED UPP,


P.S. If you need some accountability for your excuses and you’re ready for a change, I’d love to help. Send me an email to schedule a complimentary call at

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