my story and why i get you...


Hello, nice to meet you! I'm Natalie Upp. I'm married to my high school crush, the mom of two beautiful, busy daughters and the owner of Fired Upp Fitness. I am so grateful that I actually get to do what I'm passionate about each and every day... Help moms improve their health and fitness and feel better about themselves.



I haven't always eaten the best, worked out or focused on my mindset like I do these days. 


My nutrition was first challenged in college (at KSU) binging on Frosted Flakes, daily iced cake doughnuts and midnight pizzas. I gained some weight and had my fill of fun so I started to hit the gym the last few months before graduating.

Years passed, and I was in and out of my "working out phase".  But, the one thing I never made an effort towards was changing what I ate. I definitely got caught up in the "fat-free" mode and would basically eat as much crap as I could get away with in my mid 20's.

I'd go through a sleeve of Oreos with a glass of milk like it was nobody's business. I had no reservations about pounding down a couple Krispy Kremes brought in by patients at the hospital I worked at during Occupational Therapy school (yes, the doughnuts again!). I was young and just didn't care if I was gaining a little fat here and there -- even right before my wedding! 


Fast forward several years, I was a mom of two toddlers who had not moved my body with any type of exercise in six years.  I had no muscle tone, I had cellulite and I was trying my hardest not to have to go up another size in my clothes.   


At 35, a "truth bomb" hit me. I could no longer eat whatever I wanted without looking and feeling "puffy", my chronic headaches weren't going away, I had lost the motivation to put myself first at anything, and my jiggly butt and thighs weren't getting any firmer with the cellulite firming cream I'd been using. (So embarrassing!)

Fitness and Nutrition coach for moms

My heart is in Kansas.

It was finally time for me to face the fact that what I could get away with in my 20's and early 30's was no longer the case. I was not taking care of myself, and I was not setting a good example for my girls. My husband had actually been working out for years.  So, instead of continuing to resent him for his time by himself at the gym, I finally decided it was time to "get myself back," and we joined a new gym with a family membership. 


I'll never forget meeting with the trainer for my introductory session telling her what I ate on an average day. Here is what it looked like...


Breakfast: Cereal with skim milk and OJ

Lunch: A sandwich or hotdog with some baked chips and apple juice

Afternoon Snack: Rice Krispie bar, fruit snacks, and a Diet Coke 

Dinner: Two servings of whatever pasta/casserole we were having with 2 slices of bread and dessert-- ALWAYS!


What was I eating?

Little protein. No fruit. No vegetables.

Sugar on top of more sugar and literally not even ONE ounce of water! 

I suffered from chronic migraines.

My skin was dull. My hair was dry and brittle.

My muscle tone was non-existent. I wasn't overweight, but I was "skinny fat".

Even after 8 hours of sleep, I was always tired and would have to drag myself out of bed in the morning.


My personal goal was to lose fat, tone up, have more energy, and just feel vibrant, healthy and sexy again.  So, I jumped in feet first and started researching everything I could get my hands on in nutrition and fitness.  I'll admit, I became a bit obsessed. Haha! I even ended up competing and placing in the bikini division of five fitness competitions, (training myself in all but one of them).


I also started helping about a dozen family and friends get healthier by giving out free workout and nutrition guides for fun. The thing I loved most was not only seeing their physical progress but also their confidence increaseI knew I was on to something when I helped my sister with a nutrition plan, helping her lose 22 pounds!

When I was competing I did some pretty restrictive diets and put my body (and mind) through the wringer while trying to achieve a "perfect" body. (Which, by the way, DOES NOT EXIST!)  I decided at 40 that I would compete in one last fitness show just to prove to myself that I could do it without dieting.


My mission was to eat a healthy balance of all food groups (dark chocolate and wine included) and limit

my workouts to no more than 4x/week (this was 2 days less than my norm at the time).  By the time the

show came, I'd never felt better, my body and food obsessions were obsolete and I was still happy with

how I looked.  I earned 3rd place in the 40+ division. I was truly impressed with all the other contestants,

(mostly working moms aged 40 and over)! It was such an eye-opener to me that when moms from all

walks of life set their minds to accomplish a goal, they can do it!   


That same fall I decided it was time to leave my job of 16 years to start my business. Several months

later I became a Certified Personal Trainer, and then added training as a Weight Loss Specialist, 

Behavior Change Specialist and a Certified Nutrition Coach. I was just so excited to help women

figure out how to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle as I had. I wanted to teach them how to

do it without dieting and instead, implement long-term healthy habits that complement their



I specialize in coaching women (and more specifically) moms and grandmas of all ages.  There is just something about the female body that only another woman can truly get. I understand why we love or loathe different parts of our body.


I get balancing the roles of mom/wife while working. I get the feeling of living like a taxi cab driver each night running kids around. I've scoured the best spots and menu choices to eat out healthy when I'm on the go.


I love the feeling of peace when I have a clean house. I feel annoyed when I'm bloated because of the time of the month. I'm learning how to manage fun things like hot flashes and night sweats. 

I also get things like splurging on face serums to make our crow's feet look a little better or a brand of jeans that makes our booty pop. Ha! None of it is crazy... It's called the life of a MID-LIFE MOM.

I want to help you be the BEST you that you can be -- giving you the outer and inner strength to be fit!  I will do this by providing you with solid nutrition advice, helping you implement healthy lifestyle habits, and incorporating efficient workouts.


I don't believe in gimmicks, quick fixes, or the use of questionable supplements.  Everything I recommend I have tried first, and I've learned what I've needed to change as I get older. I also don't believe that you need to work out for hours in a gym or that you need to fix elaborate healthy recipes to live a healthy life.  I like to think simple, efficient, and effective.


I DO believe that healthy living must fit into YOUR life, not the other way around. I will get you to your goals by holding YOU accountable while cheering you on pound-by-pound and inch-by-inch!  I will help you ditch diets, lose fat, maintain a toned look, and get you back into your favorite clothes again using simple methods implementing the "Healthy Five": Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, Stress-Management, and Sleep.  This IS NOT just a "give you a meal plan" kind-of-program. We will address ALL things affecting your health and fitness with one key focus: BALANCING YOUR CHANGING HORMONES TO HELP YOU LOOK, FEEL AND LIVE BETTER.


I'm not going to lie...  There may be some "tough love" here and there, but I am here to be your accountability and tour guide on your journey. We'll focus on the physical, mental, and emotional YOU.


I want to help you get excited about a healthy lifestyle, feel confident about how you look, and stick with it for life!

So, let's get you FIRED UPP!