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Look, feel, and live better - even after 40.


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The Mom Bod Tune-Upp is a SYSTEMIZED program I created based on research to help you implement LONG-TERM changes. This is not a quick fix or fad diet. I'll be beside you for 21 weeks, creating each NEW HABIT at a digestible pace. These strategies have helped me and hundreds of BUSY MOMS feel LESS TIRED, STRESSED, and FRUSTRATED with their bodies' changes.

If you're still trying to implement the same eating, moving, and lifestyle habits of your 20s and 30s (without the same results), YOU NEED THIS! Commit to making new habits suitable for your 40+ hormones, and start tuning UPP your Mom Bod NOW!​

This program will NOT focus on failed methods like counting calories or long cardio sessions. Instead, I wil
l walk you through how to naturally support the hormones that impact your mood, cravings, sleep, energy, and weight. Experience a step-by-step process that eases you into new lifestyle changes and more importantly, WORKS!




Laura, 46

I have lived my whole life eating whatever I wanted. I had a big sweet tooth and never really had much self-control. It hadn’t really been an issue until I hit 40.


I continued to eat what I wanted until decided I was tired of being uncomfortable in my clothes. I decided to reach out to Natalie to make a change. I started with Mom Bod which was a great way to get a jump start and learn so many healthy habits of eating better. Literally, they became habits over the course of the 9 weeks. I really grasped the concept of what Natalie’s plan was. It was easy for me to follow. I exhibited a lot of self-control!


Following the Mom Bod, I decided to have Natalie help continue with my nutrition. Again, implementing the health habits, and trying to change things up, the plan has stuck with me. Ten months later, I am down 25 pounds and 20 inches! 


I feel better. I look better. I have more energy. It truly has been so great. I cannot thank Natalie enough for her positive encouragement, for a plan that is easy to follow, and for her consistency that in turn made me consistent with my eating habits. Thank you so much! 

Stop pretending that "you're fine" with your body while supporting your kids to live their best life. Your body is CRAVING healthy changes to BOOST your changing hormones. So make those changes so you can live your best life, too!


As moms, we get OVERWHELMED with "all the things" and LOSE OUR FIRE. This is ESPECIALLY magnified while we go through the transition of menopause!


DON'T JUST SUFFER through cravings, fatigue, headaches, hot flashes, night sweats, poor sleep, adult acne, moodiness, bloating, and/or brain fog.


Learn to understand your body better with a changing menstrual cycle or one that's gone for good. I teach you how to adjust your daily actions according to your fluctuating hormones.


With the help of my App and Toolbox Tips, The Mom Bod Tune-Upp teaches you how to implement and be accountable for consistent habits that improve your:





  • MOOD


  • HAIR/SKIN and more!

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fired upp fitness app


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Tellye, 47

When Covid hit and we were in quarantine, I really thought I would exercise and eat healthy since we were going to be home, cooking more, etc.  I did work out more but I also ate more and it wasn't always healthy. 
I had direct access to my pantry all day long and it was not good.  When Natalie mentioned the Mom Bod Tune-Upp, I knew it was for me.  I'm a mom, I care about my body and I needed a tune-upp. 
I was ready for a change and I was ready to be motivated by other moms.  The journey was fun.  Natalie paced the process and sent motivating messages and I was held accountable by the weigh-ins and pictures.  Overall in 9 weeks, I lost 8 pounds and 23 inches.  It was exactly what I needed to jump-start my healthy lifestyle.  Thank you! 
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Everything you need to look, feel and live better is at your fingertips!
Here's what you'll find inside the Mom Bod Tune-Upp.


  • Access to your own calendar and training plan in the Fired Upp Fitness App for 21 weeks.

  • Be held accountable for completing scheduled workouts and small daily actions through digital check-ins in the app.

  • Be able to see what tasks other members are completing too!

  • Track your progress with weekly wins, body measurements, weight, photos, and hormonal check-ins.

Nutrition Habits

  • Implement daily habits in 4 Tune-Upp phases: Mental, Cellular, Gut, and Immunity.

  • Daily check-ins of scheduled nutrition habits broken down into weekly simple steps like how to include healthy fats and more veggies.

  • Learn my Hormone Hierarchy and access handouts and Toolbox Tips on the private Squad page:

    • Owner's Manual nutrition and hormone guide

    • Sample meals and simple recipes for busy families

    • Dining out meal options

    • Vitamin recommendations

    • Food options for better hormone balance and more!

Motivation & Support

  • Get motivational messages and weekly check-ins to keep you on track.

  • No Facebook group is needed! In the app, you'll be part of an ongoing group message with other moms like you to share ideas and ask questions. 

  • Direct message Natalie in the app anytime with questions!

  • Lifetime access to my private Squad page with supportive tips and handouts. Option to extend your program after the 21 weeks.

Lifestyle Habits

  • Implement daily habits focused on improving sleep, stress, mood, and your toxic load. 

  • Daily check-ins of scheduled lifestyle habits are broken down into weekly simple steps like stress breaks and deep breathing.

  • Access handouts and Toolbox Tips on the private Squad page:

    • Beating the Stress Guide

    • Sleep for Weight Loss Guide

    • Emotional Eating Triggers

    • Beauty Detox handouts

    • Home Detox handouts

    • Mindfulness and more!


  • Natalie has done the research for you on how to balance your hormones better after 40. You just have to implement the steps!

  • All can be done from the comfort of your own home - including workouts!

  • In your app calendar, you'll have the flexibility to move workouts within each week to fit your schedule.

  • Complete the workouts any time of day that is convenient for you. 

Workouts & Movement

  • Complete 3 weekly 25-minute workouts scheduled in your app calendar.

  • Each timed workout has a video and description for all exercises, including modifications for beginners. Just press start and it walks you through the workout!

  • 15 rotating workouts will focus on your progression of strength, tone, balance, and cardio with a strong emphasis on the glutes and core!

  • Minimal equipment needed:

    • 2 pairs of dumbbells (light/heavy)

    • A looped resistance band

    • A stability ball or ottoman

    • Access to a step or stair

  • Focus on implementing the best movement for 40+ fat loss: WALKING!

Meet Your Coach, Natalie Upp

👋 Hi, I'm Natalie Upp. I’m an Oreo addict😬, I ironically don’t like to wear leggings or a fitness watch, and still prefer low-rise. Oh, and I’m the owner of Fired Upp Fitness.


When my kids were little, my breakfast equaled sugary cereal and OJ, lunch was fruit snacks, hot dogs/sandwiches, baked chips, and a Diet Coke, and dinners usually were pasta and dessert. I literally drank no water and was stressed all the time. 


I repeated the wired but tired cycle for a long time, but it caught up with me. I felt defeated and would go to bed cranky and exhausted. 😩I accepted a bigger size in my closet, suffered from headaches, and was completely out of shape. I’ll never forget feeling like I was going to pass out in my first workout to start my health journey back in 2010.

Natalie Upp

One day or day one?
It's time to invest

in yourself.

I eventually even quit my old job in fundraising/marketing and became a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach because I loved how good my healthier life felt. As I've gotten older, I've had to tweak my process to find what lifestyle changes and habits match my changing hormones. I’m always after that ⚖️balance! Spoiler alert — It's not counting calories or running countless miles!


I’m often judged for not looking overweight, so how could I possibly understand someone’s weight loss struggles? Well, I’ve experienced the other dozens of other invisible hormone symptoms. I’ve officially made it to 🧗menopause and, I’ve had to intentionally change my ways to keep my weight (and sanity) in check.  


Now 49 and keeping up with my daughters in high school and college, (on most days) I am confident, feel vibrant, and I can’t wait to rock my favorite jeans! However, I also keep working at it daily and I’m FAR from perfect - perfect is boring anyway!


I have spent countless hours on 🤓education, certifications, and research about this second phase of our lives that can be more annoying than puberty. This is MY PASSION❤️‍🔥! (Side note: I also have a passion for traveling and a fun dance party!💃)

I would LOVE to share my knowledge with you and support you to age and feel the best that you can, too! So, if that sounds good, start the Mom Bod Tune-Upp this Monday! 



I have enjoyed this process and plan on continuing! It was so fun sharing our success! I am determined to make progress as I have a physical in August that I want to celebrate!


Non-scale victory after 9 weeks….I am comfortably wearing pants that I could previously NOT pull over my hips!!!


I feel like the weeks have gone quickly! I feel motivated to continue after the program ends next week.


Thanks, Natalie for helping get me started on a new, more healthy journey! I needed the push.


A fun NSV (non-scale victory): The shorts I took my before pic in can slide off without unzipping and unbuttoning!


I have worked out most of this last year 6-7 days a week and haven't seen the results I have seen in these last 9 weeks. Nutrition is key! I feel much better than I did when I started. Lost weight and inches in 9 short weeks! Workouts were challenging, but most importantly I was taught about nutrition and how to listen to what my body needs.


I’m wearing old shorts and jeans that I found in a box in my basement because most of the ones I bought over the last couple of summers all fall down when I wear them. I’ll buy some new stuff soon when I think my weight has stabilized.


I’m not sure where my weight will end up, but I know I feel healthier and stronger now, and I can better keep up with my athletic kids. I am back in the heathy BMI range which also feels good. I like what I see when I look in the mirror again.


Loving getting back to strength training! Even in my skimpy home gym! Down pounds and inches AND I slept so good last night!

Clothes fit much better overall!


I signed up for Fired Upp Fitness because I needed some guidance and instruction during a stressful time in my life. Little did I know I would learn so much from Natalie regarding hormones and begin a passion for walking.


My big win was riding in the car for 5 hours yesterday and not mindlessly eating the whole trip!!! My self control was much better. Feeling some stretch and endurance returning and my joints don’t hurt as much!

I’ve enjoyed this process and plan to continue on... I saw a number on the scale this morning I haven’t seen in almost a year.. Big win was my 12 year old daughter telling me I looked skinnier last night! 


Danielle Before_After Winner.png

Danielle, 43

I got my wedding ring off for the first time in well over a year, maybe 2! The scale and tape measure are consistently moving in the right direction for the first time in years!!! Plus, I’m eating sooo much healthier than any other time in my life. 
I haven’t seen this weight in years! Long way to go, but I feel healthier and have more energy.

DARCY before-after_edited.jpg

Darcy, 47

AMY 4 wks.jpg

Amy, 42


Sarah, 46 

I just feel more like I’m seeing myself when I look in the mirror. I know that sounds weird. I’m so close to a weight and pants size that I honestly thought I would never get back to.
The changes in diet and weight I think have also improved some pain issues I was having. I really appreciated having a group of women to be on this journey with.

If you have questions, I'm happy to jump on a complimentary call.

Email me to schedule.

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