Fitness and Nutrition for Moms


-- 40's Mom of 2
Fitness and Nutrition for Moms

I'm really starting to feel good - I rocked a tank top last week and am wearing a sleeveless dress for an interview tomorrow and feeling confident in it! All the work and your support over the last few months has me totally ready to enjoy time with my family on our beach vacation instead of having my mind consumed by body image issues. I am so grateful for that.


-- 40's Mom of 2

I can't thank you enough for your help over the last few months. I feel like I have a great foundation to work from after learning all my new habits.I make better choices, and those choices are paying off on how I look and feel! Thank you!!!

Fitness and Nutrition for Moms


-- 20's Pre-Mom of 1

Diets have always been a huge struggle for me. I could usually last a few weeks (or days) on a program, but for the most part I ended up eating food that I hated and I always went to bed hungry (cue late night binge eating). I knew that I needed a lifestyle shift, but I had no idea where to start when it came to selecting foods that would not only nourish my body, but would also promote weight loss and boost energy.

I am in a job that is very time-demanding and I travel every other week for work. I would sit at restaurants staring at the menus, trying to figure out the “healthy” options before settling on my usual burger and fries or salads drenched in dressing – wait, salads are healthy right? WRONG! It was just a year after my wedding and I had already packed on the post-wedding pounds (15 to be exact). I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to make a change on my own, and that I needed accountability. That’s when I decided to call Natalie…


Natalie spent time talking to me and learning about the constant road blocks I was running into. She made me feel like I wasn’t alone in my struggles and I knew from day one that she was in my corner. Natalie made me feel at ease, and never got frustrated with me even when I had “off days”. She helped pull together a list of food items that tasted great, were easy to make, and even compiled a list of “healthier” food items to eat while I was on the road. She made everything so easy for me even with my busy lifestyle. I could no longer use my work as an excuse for eating poorly.  

I am proud to say that I am now down 15 pounds from when I started working with Natalie last August – back at my wedding weight! The great thing is that I dropped the weight in a HEALTHY way and it is a lifestyle that I am actually able to maintain. Even though my program finished a few months ago, I have been able to keep the weight off and even continued losing! And when temptation sets in (because let’s be honest, pizza and ice cream exist), I still have a Natalie on my shoulder, encouraging me to make choices that will make me feel better in the long run. I am so thankful to Natalie and Fired Upp Fitness for truly changing my life. And now I can’t stop smiling. ☺

Fitness and Nutrition for Moms
-- 30's Mom of 2

I had myself believing after 50 your body will change, and not for the good, and that was life. Then I had an unexpected weight gain of 15 pounds in 6 weeks because of some new medicine/thyroid. That is when I decided something needed changing.


My husband bought me a Fitbit for Christmas and I started moving. I started journaling everything I ate for a year. I lost the 15 pounds plus 6 more. But my body wasn’t toned, even though I was walking 6 days a week.


At a local fundraising auction I bought a certificate for some nutritional guidance.  That is when I met Natalie.  After a phone consultation with her, I decided to also incorporate the fitness piece as well. I wasn’t sure what all she could do for me, as I had just had back surgery a couple years ago and couldn’t do much with weights or cardio, besides walking. 


She researched my back precautions and put together a 3x/week strength training plan that worked just for me.  We tweaked a few things along the way and I started noticing a difference in my body. In just 4 weeks I started seeing some muscle and less cellulite. My core also started getting stronger and my mood changed in such a positive way!


I thought I was one step ahead in the nutritional piece because of my year-long food journaling that helped me stay on track. Natalie was able to get me to change over to My Fitness Pal phone app so I could incorporate carb/protein/fat/sugar counts to my day. That made a huge difference for me. She was able to see what I was eating daily and gave me advice on how to tweak things.  She even used some tough love advice for me on my sugar addiction which has helped tremendously.


I lost 2 pounds in the 4 weeks, almost 2% body fat and most importantly I lost 2.25”.  I am incredibly grateful to her for her professional knowledge that has changed my world!


Natalie has designed a great program that can be tailored to an individual's needs so as to seamlessly incorporate fitness and nutrition into your everyday routine. She provides plenty of exercises that can be done almost anywhere and with minimal equipment, which makes getting your workout in so much easier. No excuses!


She gives great advice about eating, and really breaks it down into easy to understand elements. I LOVED her shopping list!


I would recommend this program to anyone. She has become my fitness Jiminey Cricket! No secrets or gimmicks, just hard work and results!

Natalie's program teaches you how to improve your life a step at a time and free yourself from guilt. She supports you every step of the way and is full of ideas to customize the experience just for you! It is a journey everyone needs to take so they can see how easy and freeing a healthy lifestyle can be.

-- 40's Mom of 2
-- 50's Mom of 1
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-- 40's Mom of 3

When the journey isn’t complete, sometimes you forget just how far you’ve come.

Fitness and Nutrition for Moms
Client Update ---
Since the testimonial below, Shannon continued to follow her program and surpassed her goal of losing 25lbs by an additional 15 pounds! She lost a total of nearly 22+ inches!


-- 40's Mom of 2
Fitness and Nutrition for Moms


-- 30's Mom of 2

So excited! Thank you for your wisdom. I’m going to start calling you the “Nutrition Yoda”.


This looks like the belly of someone who's never had kids!!!! So glad to have you in my corner!


Sometimes I walk by the mirror and have to stop and do a “double-take” because I can’t believe that’s ME!!  I never thought I would get anywhere close to pre-baby weight now that I’m in my 40’s! 🤩

I had tried losing weight on my own and it just wasn't coming off fast enough. I needed a plan I could follow and stick to. Following Natalie's plan taught me how to eat smarter and healthier.


When my weight loss slowed down she adjusted my plan and the pounds kept coming off. I lost 15 lbs in 13 weeks. I was never hungry because I was eating regularly and filling up on protein. If you're frustrated and ready for a change, Natalie will get you Fired Upp!!

Fitness and Nutrition for Moms
Fitness and Nutrition for Moms


-- 40's Mom of 1

You are what you eat. It’s true.  I had been working out (hard) for 3 years and maintained the exact same weight.  Despite my workouts, I didn’t lose weight but I never gained so I was ok with that.  Suddenly, 6 pounds crept up on me and I was uncomfortable.  My pants were tight and I felt gross.  It must be a thyroid problem!  How could I gain 6 pounds when I didn’t change anything about my routine? 


After calling my doctor and getting bloodwork tested, I was faced with the reality.  “Your bloodwork is all normal.”  Really?  So this weight gain is possibly due to my food choices?  Bingo. 


That’s when I called Natalie.  I was desperate for nutrition advice and I knew she had the answers.  Natalie set me up on a clean eating plan which followed a high protein, low carb/low sugar diet.  I tossed the granola bars that I was eating before workouts and replaced them with a protein shake.  I added another protein shake post workout and followed with a healthy breakfast of eggs and steel cut oatmeal.  My idea of a healthy lunch used to be a turkey sandwich on wheat bread with baked chips.  Not anymore.  I started eating lean protein and vegetables for lunch and dinner, cutting out the sugary carbs.  I could not believe how much better I felt and how quickly my body responded. 


I lost 10 pounds in the first 5 weeks.  My 6 extra pounds were gone and then some!  I decided to continue and ended up losing just over 20 pounds. 


Natalie’s knowledge of nutrition and fitness is solid.  She knows how to use food to fuel your body in the right way to get results.  No gimmicks.  Just follow the plan and commit.  I am so grateful to her for my healthy lifestyle!


-- 50's Mom of 1

This program was the best money I have ever spent on myself!


-- 40's Mom of 2
-- 40's Mom of 2

I have been working with Natalie for almost 12 weeks now and I couldn't be happier. Natalie is passionate about helping women become the best version of themselves they can be! Natalie is knowledgeable and caring. She knows just how to keep someone motivated so they can stay on track!!! 

The scale had reached a number that was no longer acceptable to me.  I was also tired of my muffin top hanging over my pants and not feeling good about the way I looked in clothing.  Although US standards would not indicate I was overweight, I knew I was not making healthy food choices and I was eating way too much sugar.  I knew a decent amount about health and nutrition but I was eating things out of convenience and nothing that was fueling my body.  I tried to make healthier choices on my own but I would stick with it for a week or so and then go back to old habits.  


I ran into two college girlfriends within a short period of time who looked awesome and said that they used Natalie as their health and fitness trainer.  I’ve known Natalie for years so that was all I needed to pick up the phone and call her.  Together, we talked and decided that nutrition would be the best place to start.  I had been diagnosed with several fairly significant food allergies a few years ago and Natalie was very helpful with researching safe food choices for me.  Natalie created a plan for my specific body type and challenge areas and I was finally being held accountable.  


I was shocked at how fast I started seeing results once I began to follow the plan Natalie created for me.  Natalie and I consistently talked once a week to discuss any hiccups in my plan which I thought was really beneficial.  After about two months on my nutrition plan,  I felt like I had the nutrition aspect of my health down.  Natalie agreed with me and we decided as a team to switch to online fitness training to enhance my body shape.  


I have been in physical therapy for years for neck pain and back pain so I was nervous about weight training.  Natalie created an individualized fitness program for me and modified exercises so that my back pain wasn’t exacerbated.  I started to see more muscle definition and increased strength.  Natalie taught me how to work out smarter and not necessarily harder to get the results that I wanted!  I completed my training with Natalie after about three months. Not only did I feel great, but others also noticed my results!


I know what to do now in order to take charge of my health and fitness.  Natalie is really top notch when it comes to training women and has no problems working with a unique set of circumstances.  I won’t hesitate to call Natalie again if the need should further arise!