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Online Coaching

Kim , 47


So excited! Thank you for your wisdom. I’m going to start calling you the “Nutrition Yoda.” 


This belly looks like someone who's never had kids!!!! So glad to have you in my corner!


Sometimes I walk by the mirror and have to stop and do a “double-take” because I can’t believe that’s ME!! I never thought I would get anywhere close to pre-baby weight now that I’m in my 40’s!


I cannot thank you enough for helping me to actually get started with doing something for myself to get healthy and happy and to getting to a place where I am feeling much better about myself.


You are just amazing, and I can’t tell you what a wonderful path you have set me on! The inches are continuing to steadily come off. You are the best motivator, and logging food has been such an amazing changer for me as well.


I can tell my sugar cravings have GREATLY reduced and I’m planning ahead better!


And my son's teacher just asked if I had lost weight.... winning! 


I feel better already. :) I love eating more whole foods. And the balanced meals are much more filling.


I have been so pleased that lately I have not needed to take any sleep aids or use afrin to help me breathe at night. It’s been years since that’s been the case!!

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