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Simple Steps to Gain Back Control of Your Life

Ever feel like your life is out of control and you can’t keep up? Or should I say for some… Is there ever a time when your life doesn’t feel out of control? This seems like it is the common theme with many women I’ve chatted with lately. Whether it is going on vacation, wrapping up baseball season, starting soccer season, dealing with health issues, too much travel for work, trying to fit in all your kids’ activities in the upcoming school year or even just organizing your calendar so you at least know when school starts… I’ve heard it all, and totally feel ya! “What consumes your mind, controls your life.” So how in the world are we supposed to keep our healthy lifestyle on track and still stay afloat with this added stress? Everything that happens in your life can be divided into two groups: Those things you can control and those things you cannot. Worrying about things beyond your control is simply counterproductive.Instead, at the end of the day, you make up your own mind. You decide what to eat, to whom you'll speak, and the direction of your life. Make decisions that serve YOU. So what can you control? 1. Your decisions. Shift your focus on those things where YOU ARE THE BOSS and everything else will fall into place. Make decisions that serve YOU best, otherwise you’re deciding to let the world determine your fate. 2. Your emotions. You can choose whether you’ll stay calm or become upset. Life is harder if you can’t control your emotions. So, next time something annoying happens, try not to react as you typically do. Brush it off and move on. 3. Your attitude. Do you choose to be optimistic or pessimistic? Your attitude influences your thoughts and emotions – and ultimately your actions. The other night I was taken back when my almost 13-year old daughter announced that I was the most optimistic person she knows! Wow, I was honored and proud that I am making a positive impression on my kids (even though she also experiences my typical “mom-nagging,” etc.) LOL! You never know who is paying attention to your attitude. 4. Your perspective. Are you a failure stuck in an unwinnable situation? Or are you a winner in a tough, but manageable situation? Do you believe there are golden opportunities to be found in the midst of your challenges? Think about which perspective would more likely support you in your goals and dreams. 5. Your creativity. Are you going to repeat the same patterns that have resulted in the current situation? Or are you taking full advantage of your ability to overcome challenges and create new, exciting results? Many people never make an attempt to change their thoughts, so they just live in a state of hopelessness for all the things bothering them or causing stress. If you ask me, that doesn’t really sound like living a fun life. If things aren’t working for you, it is time to step up and embrace a change! Try this: STEP 1

  • On a piece of paper make 2 columns. One labeled “ME” and the other labeled “MY WORLD”. Then start listing everything that is driving you nuts that applies to both columns. Examples may be: messy areas in your house, your kids’ crazy schedules, your struggle to fit into your favorite pair of jeans, or your lack of energy to keep up with your busy life.

  • Whatever it is… just get it all out there. Then rate each column by priority. So you should have a “ME” top priority and a “MY WORLD” top priority.


  • Look at your two priorities and think about why each one is bothering you. Then look at the five ways you can control things above and decide which one of these strategies you could apply to each priority. Change the way you think, and you can change the way you live.


  • Using the strategies, put your time and focus on the things within your control. For instance, we know we can control our decisions. So if you are sick of not fitting into your clothes, decide to try one healthy habit for a couple weeks. Break it down into a small change that doesn’t seem overwhelming.

  • Maybe your new change is to eliminate processed foods. Instead of saying you’re going eliminate ALL processed foods, start with switching out one packaged/processed food for a whole food source instead each day. Ask yourself how committed you could be to the task on a scale of 1-10. If it doesn’t seem doable enough to score a 9 or 10, make it even easier until it seems like a no-brainer.

  • Several small changes over time add up to a lifestyle of being healthy and fit. It shouldn’t and doesn’t happen overnight, but you’ll get to where you want to be with patience. Your decision to make small changes is always in your control.

So after you feel better about your first two priorities, continue down both columns, trying the approach on your other stressors. I know it is easier to tackle the “My World” column like it’s a to-do list, but it is actually even more important to take back control of the items under the “Me” column, so you have a better handle on your world. I know I’ve said it before, but give yourself the permission to accept your mind and body because it is the only one you’ll own. Ignore those things you can’t influence, and control what you can. Now go and be the best version of YOU! Let’s get FIRED UPP! Nat P.S. If you need help with this process or just need a better direction to find the best version of you, you may be a perfect fit for my Online Coaching. If you are changing your perspective and ready to make the decision to change for the long-term, I’d love to help. Send me an email and we can set up a time to chat.

What consumes your mind, controls your life.

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