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When most people start a journey of "getting healthy" they think they need an overhaul of two things: exercise and nutrition. It can be very overwhelming to all of sudden completely change what you’re eating and also begin exercising. Too much, too fast doesn't set you up for long-term success.

Many new clients are still in a traditional “diet mindset”. They're usually a little surprised that instead of starting their program by counting calories and working out daily, they find themselves being accountable for completing small, healthy actions focused on the Hormone Hierarchy I teach.

As we age it is more important than ever to lead a "CHIC" Healthy Lifestyle. This is healthy living built on Cellular health, Hormone support, Intentional living, and using a Cyclic approach.

You'll find that my programs are very comprehensive and about as well-rounded as they come.  In conjunction with living CHICFired Upp Fitness focuses on getting healthy from the inside out using five foundational habits. I call them the "Healthy Five": Mindset, Nutrition, Stress-Management, Sleep, and Movement. 

I have put all of these essential components together to develop the foundation of all of my programs: The Mom Bod Tune-Upp



As a client, you'll be doing some form of the Mom Bod Tune-Upp. You'll also be an ACCOUNTABILITY QUEEN using the Fired Upp Fitness app to:

  • Follow scheduled walks and timed workouts that include a description and video of each exercise with modifications as needed in fitness-included programs. Only 25-minute workouts!

  • Complete scheduled daily actions to practice nutrition and lifestyle habits on your app calendar.

  • Measure objective progress via photos, circumference measurements, and weight including graphs and side-by-side comparisons of yourself.

  • Measure subjective progress via message checks that include hormonal tracking of your sleep, mood, hunger, energy, cravings, digestion, and menstrual cycle.

  • Receive motivational and educational messages from Natalie and communicate through the messaging portal to ask questions, chat or share your WINS!!

You will work on implementing one healthy step at a time into your daily routine to balance key hormones. We will build upon your progress a little more each week until these habits become second nature. You will WANT to make better choices the better you feel!

The Healthy Five

Track progress through photos, 
and weight.

Fired Upp Fitness app Client Dashboard
Fired Upp Fitness app calendar

Calendar for
daily check-ins
of habits
and workouts
with max accountability.

MOM BOD TUNE-UPP learn more.png

We are not going to overhaul your life overnight. You'll experience a supportive program that will teach you step-by-step how to LOOK, FEEL, and LIVE BETTER.

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