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Say yes to a healthier you!


Hi! I'm Nat, and I totally GET YOU! I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach for busy moms 35 and older who struggle to fit into their clothes, lack the confidence they once had about their bodies, and rarely have a moment to spare.

I UNDERSTAND YOUR STRUGGLES! I'm a 40+ mom who started my health journey 10 years ago. As I've gotten older, I've had to tweak my step-by-step process to live healthy and feel good because of changing hormones. I've discovered what works at our age, and ladies... It's all about those hormones!

"I’m going to start calling you the NUTRITION YODA! Sometimes I walk by the mirror and have to stop and do a “double-take” because I can’t believe that’s ME!! I never thought I would get anywhere close to pre-baby weight now that I’m in my 40’s!

-- Kim, 47

Does your body just feel "off" lately? Are your younger ways of keeping extra pounds away no longer working?


I help moms ditch the diets, discover a toned-up body, increase their energy, and get back into their favorite clothes again using simple, research-based methods that are flexible with real life. 


I'm not the "quick-fix" coach, but I will break down and teach you HOW to eat healthy and implement exercise in ways that fit a busy schedule. My goal is to MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD AGAIN, not stress you out more!

I help you stay FIRED UPP to live healthy! Part of my secret sauce is helping you be an ACCOUNTABILITY QUEEN for your healthy lifestyle.  I'll support you through each little step and check up on you through my Fired Upp Fitness app. Learn more about my story...