Adjustable Tushy Toner + Bonus Sliders

Adjustable Tushy Toner + Bonus Sliders

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Your tushy toning just got easier! No more need for multiple bands to tone up your lower body and tushy! Get the NEW Adjustable Tushy Toner! A wide, fabric loop band that will not roll or pinch your legs like regular latex bands. One size fits all with varying degrees of resistance. 


LIMITED TIME BONUS! Included is a pair of core sliders that is the perfect fitness accessory to heat up those abs! See more info in the product description.


  • NEW type of hip resistance band! For any level from beginners to advanced exercisers. 
  • A sleek black band suitable for women or men that includes an adjustable buckle to make it the perfect size for YOU! Change the length with a quick sliding of the buckle, and it changes the resistance to fit your workout and level.
  • Most hip resistance bands come in 3 different sizes. The Tushy Toner simplifies the number of training items needed. It adjusts to sizes 13"-17" in diameter in a matter of seconds and stays put at the length that is perfect for YOU!
  • Thick, wide band provides high-quality slip-proof grips in the inner loop to make sure your band stays in place during your training.
  • Comfortable band that won't roll down or pinch your legs while exercising like latex bands do.
  • This will be your new favorite piece of equipment that will not only help tighten your glutes, but will also shape your hamstrings, quads, calves and abs!
  • Includes a nylon carrying bag perfect to take your band along anywhere. Also includes a handout with pictures and descriptions of 10 recommended exercises.


  • Includes a set of 2 red core sliders.
  • The core sliders are double-sided making them versatile to work on both carpet and hard woods/tile/laminate floors. The red side is to be used on carpet and the padded foam is for hard floors.
  • Thin slider that is easy to move and use to increase strength in your core!
  • Core sliders can be used with your hands or your feet for various types of movements that engage not only your abs, but can become a full-body workout.
  • Includes a handout with pictures and descriptions of 10 recommended exercises.


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