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How to Maintain and Not Gain Over the Holidays

Yea, it’s the holidays, so it’s inevitable that I’m gonna gain a few pounds.”

How many of us have heard this or even said it to ourselves?! It’s the unavoidable extra weight that we’ve all just seemed to accept because this is a special time of year.

I’ve overheard the conversations already buzzing… “I’m just so busy I can’t even get a walk in”…. “I’ve just got too many events scheduled it makes it impossible to stay on track.” Blah, blah, blah my friends.

These things are being said now without a real thought about what their 6-weeks into-the-future-self will be feeling. What about when the New Year rolls around and they’re feeling (and seeing) the fateful effects of carefree eating and lack of movement? I don’t know about you, but I am not accepting this fate, and I hope you won’t either.

Fact: It’s 100% possible to thoroughly enjoy yourself over the holidays and not go overboard or skip a beat with your fitness goals. “Humbug,” you say? Well, see for yourself by implementing these tips.

Keep Calm and Chew On

I am a huge advocate on this one. When presented with so many tempting options of food and drink alike, a lot of time our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. We pile it on and wolf it down.

Instead of just eating what’s in front of you out of hunger, try eating also with enjoyment. Have you ever stopped and considered each and every bite thinking about the flavors and consistencies? Not only does this make us more aware of what we’re putting into our bodies, it also helps us reach a fuller feeling sooner. When we slow down our eating, there is no more going overboard and no more post-meal bloat!

To piggyback onto this… Remember to wait for seconds. I avoid second helpings all together, but if you have a habit of seconds (or thirds), make it your holiday rule that you’ll wait before heading back. And by wait, I mean like 10-15 minutes. Let your body process what it’s just had so your brain can truly decide when enough is enough.

Bump Up The Pump

Work off what you plan to put on. Really this little tip can stand alone if you’re truly set on indulging in all the sweet treats and goodies this time of year. Shift your workout plans to accommodate what you’ll be eating and how busy you are and go from there. There’s nothing to fear as long as you keep yourself accountable and are willing to kick a little extra booty with the weights or an extra HIIT session after those chocolate covered peanut butter balls!

On my busy weeks I like to follow the “exercise less, eat less model” where I’m consciously cutting back portions or removing a snack when I don’t have much time for movement. On the weeks that I feel more in control of my schedule I follow the “exercise more, eat more model” where I eat more of what I want, but even it out with additional exercise (not crazy, just a good balance). At the minimum of any week, I aim for a walk with Tyson most days.

Practice Makes Perfect

You know what’s tough sometimes? Saying “no”. You know what’s even tougher? Saying it about dangerously delicious treats. But if you are not really hungry or if what is being offered isn’t something that you absolutely LOVE, practicing a little restraint will benefit you in the long run. It’s going to take some conscious effort, but try to save up on your indulging for just your absolute favorites.

When I indulge on my favs this time of year (like those chocolate covered peanut butter balls), I’m eating a small serving GUILT-FREE. It’s when I have something in the category of “I could take it or leave it” that causes me to be like, “Why did I waste a treat or freebie on that?” and get a little annoyed with myself. But things happen and you just move on.

Did you know that you also don’t have to accept every bite of food you are offered around the holidays? It’s not like everyone in the room is going to decline the offer, so don’t feel bad to politely say “no”. Just practice your response ahead of time.

Try one of these:

  • “No thanks, I’m good.”

  • “No thanks, I’m already full.”

  • “Not now, thanks. But, I might get some in a bit.”

  • “Thanks, but (ingredient/food) doesn’t sit very well with me.”

  • “No thanks, I’m challenging myself to a no weight-gain holiday.”

Typically any sort of response related to your health goals will surely be respected! My kids like to use the specific response of, “I'm already 80% full.” (I’ve trained them well. Lol!)

Bottom line: You have more power inside of you than you know. You’re the boss of your body! Be accountable, don’t B.S. yourself with a bunch of excuses, and be selective about the tasty and tempting things you embrace this season.

Let’s get FIRED UPP,


P.S. Want extra help to get through the holidays and start 2018 off with a bang? Send me an email and we can set up a time to chat.

How to maintain and not gain over the holidays

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