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What's Holding You Back?

So, what's holding YOU back?

My sole purpose is to get you past that THING that is keeping you from living the life of your dreams.

Change is hard. I get that. It was hard for me too. Believe me, I was knee deep in unhealthy, processed food with a gym nowhere near in sight not that long ago. It was the year my youngest daughter turned three. I knew in my gut that it was time to focus on ME again.

At the time, I hadn't worked out in over 6 years, and I had never watched what I ate. But, I started to quickly figure out as I got older, my body was not quite as resilient to my indulgences and bad eating habits (like full sleeves of Oreos dipped in milk for a bedtime snack). Oh the memories of those yummy little things! -- Now I don't let them in the house unless it’s a super special occasion. lol!

Do you know what is holding you back? Time? Money? Kids? Spouse?

I hate to say it, but these are just excuses based from fear. These are not the real sources of what’s keeping you from your dreams. The real answer is YOU. YOU and your fear (whatever may be causing it) are getting in YOUR own way!

No sugar coating today peeps. You are sabotaging yourself. You are scared. You are tired. You have no energy.

Maybe you’ve even accepted this belief that this is how you’re supposed to be in your adult and aging body. Maybe you’ve just given up on yourself as you focus on everybody else instead. But the question is, WHY??

You might not even realize that you are even doing it. I know I didn't. If you take away one thing from this message, please take away this: YOU ARE ENOUGH! YOU ARE WORTHY!

You may not have the skills or know all the facts, but that is why I am here to guide you, inspire you and hold you accountable.

This week I encourage you to take some time for yourself. If you aren’t currently feeling joy and love for that body and mind of yours, examine the why.

October is going to be a month packed full with so much fun at Fired Upp Fitness! I’ll be bringing you more live streams, challenges and programs this fall to make sure you reach your health goals and get past what’s holding you back.

Your biggest cheerleader,


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