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Getting Through Overwhelm to Stay On Track

As a parent of a fourth and sixth-grader, I’m starting to feel a bit “squeezed” with end-of-year activities. I’m guessing many of you with school-aged children can relate to the overwhelm… Am I right? This is the time of year where everyone adds on special events in addition to our already crazy busy lives.

It can be quite draining and can definitely impact our motivation to stay on top of our healthy lifestyle. Oh how I’ve wanted to just say, “screw the workout today” so many times lately so I could instead get more work done or pick up a room or two.

If I spent my 25-30 minute workout time picking up the house, instead of working out, would good does that really do me in the long run?

If your kids are like mine, I pick up a room, leave, and return to a tornado minutes later and they are 12 and 10! Irritating, yes -- but the house is meant to be lived in, and I’ve just had to get over it.

Over the last seven years, I’ve realized that 30 minutes CAN and WILL affect my health in the long run. It helps me feel better, it helps me de-stress, and it will help me live longer to be there and care for my family. So, it looks like the workout is staying after all…

See I think in the LONG-TERM, as in -- What will affect my LIFE?

Not only have I found that during overwhelming times you have to learn to let some things go (I’m also queen of stacks of laundry sitting in my bedroom for days), but you also need a strategy to help you stay motivated for what is important to YOU.

I promise I’m not a total slob, and I do keep a clean house when I can, but let’s face it -- If you are in charge of running the schedule and house for your whole family, and YOU are not properly taken care of… Nobody else will be either!

I know when we feel like this, it makes it that much harder to focus on yourself and your fitness goals, but a busy time is the most important time to do so.

Do you remember your inspiration for wanting to lose weight or improve your health?

  • Was it to feel better about how you look?

  • Was it to get your confidence back?

  • Was it to improve your overall health or something specific like lower your blood pressure?

  • Was it to increase your energy?

  • Was it to get back into favorite jeans?

Whatever the reason, I want you to think about your inspiration, as it is not just about a number on the scale. The more you think about this inspiration, that more your motivation will improve to take action.

But, I want you to take it a step further. This week I’m running the May Mindset Challenge in the Inner Fire Facebook group. I will be walking your through five strategies to help you get through the overwhelm and back in the driver’s seat of your life and health again. I hope you’ll join us in the group to learn more! Even if you come by mid-week, you'll have a chance to catch up. Hope to see you there!

Let’s get fired UPP!


Take care of YOU.

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