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12 Holiday Swaps That They Won't Even Notice

Over Thanksgiving, my husband wanted to make his first ever batch of deviled eggs. Mind you, it was Thanksgiving Day as he came up with the idea and the stores were closed. So he boils the eggs, lets them cool, cuts them in half and scoops out the yolk. Successful beginning! My proud chef had a little panic though once he went to make the filling. We were out of mayo. So of course it made me instantly think of what substitute could we use that may be a healthier option anyway? BAM! We even had some in our fridge – Plain Greek Yogurt. Problem solved. I love to enjoy all the goodies this time of year, but if you try to enjoy ALL of them these next few weeks, you’ll find yourself in a bit of a pickle when you go to step on the scale in January. So, with all of the holiday dinners, gatherings, and open-houses you are getting ready to attend, it’s best to have a game plan if you’re not using that meal as a freebie. As the healthy lifestyle trendsetter you are, you’ll either sneak in a healthier ingredient to what you’re bringing or choose a healthier alternative at the bar, appetizer or dinner table. So, in support of you spreading health amongst your holiday gatherings, I offer you a little Holiday This vs. That. (All healthy swaps below are for equal amounts unless otherwise noted.) 1. Plain Greek Yogurt or Mashed Avocado vs. Mayo 2. Applesauce vs. Butter or Oil 3. 1 tsp. Stevia drops + 1/3 cup Applesauce vs. 1 cup Sugar 4. Mashed Cauliflower vs. Mashed Potatoes 5. Brown Rice Crackers vs. Ritz Crackers 6. Baked Apple Crisp vs. Apple Pie 7. Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries vs. Sugar Cookies 8. ¾ cup Raw Cashew Cream vs. 1 cup Heavy Cream 9. Crushed Nuts vs. Breadcrumbs 10. Wine Spritzer (½ wine + ½ soda water) vs. Wine 11. Raw Veggies + Hummus vs. Chips + Creamy Dip 12. Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus vs.Pigs in a Blanket These along with a few minor tweaks to your meal planning can dramatically effect how you look and feel this holiday season. It will open doors to better choices while keeping you slightly more aware of just how high the calorie count can be when whipping up a dish.

You don’t have to completely cut a favorite dish out, just improve it a bit. Every little alteration counts and your body WILL thank you for it! Let’s get FIRED UPP, Nat P.S. Need extra help with a dish or recipe you want to improve? Feel free to always reach out to pick my brain for ideas.

12 Healthy Holiday Swaps

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