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5 Ways To Stay Fit With Kids Over Holiday Break

Winter break is here! That means only one thing to any mom. The kids are ho- ho- home for not just a few days -- but weeks. I know we all love them to pieces, however, our offspring can be an easy excuse to kiss that workout routine goodbye during the time they are home… Yeah, you know who you are, lol! But, this week I’m sharing plan B, so no more excuses.

We all have our own personal routines when it comes to our health and fitness regimen. Whether it’s rising and shining on that morning walk, weights over lunch or some afternoon yoga. But, what happens when our babies (whom we love dearly!) are hanging with us from breakfast to bedtime? Bring them along of course! Tweaking your workouts to incorporate your kids will spice up the way you look at fitness AND give you that unique quality time that watching TV just can’t. We just need to be a little creative, that’s all.

The More the Merrier

Have a workout routine you do at home? Have them join in! Don’t know where to start without your normal class at the gym? Just search YouTube for a kid’s or family workout to follow along with. Get the whole family in on the action for a 30-minute workout. To make it fun, add a challenge like who can do the most push-ups or burpees, or follow one of the “Bring Sally Down” challenges on YouTube. Kids love a good contest and I bet they’ll be surprised how strong their parents really are!

Later Skaters

Whether it’s on the ice or blading down the sidewalk, skating offers the perfect opportunity to bring everyone together. My girls love to ice skate this time of year and if you haven’t been for a while, let me tell you, you get to really pump those legs while doing so. Just make sure you’re not just watching from the sidelines. Go ahead – be brave and join them!

DJ, Spin That Track

This one always reminds me of getting ready to go out with all my college friends when we shared a house together. Music was ALWAYS on, and none of us could sit still for long without busting a move.

So, any time your kids are milling about the kitchen or walking around bored, crank up the tunes. Somebody is sure to want to boogie down with you. This sporadic activity keeps the metabolism grooving, too. From the holiday genre to your favorite jams, just get moving. My girls will usually end up wanting to make up a dance together to perform for us later on.

Walk Before (Or After) You Run

It really doesn’t matter the weather, getting outside is pivotal for both health and expanding the imagination. Fresh air with your favorite loved ones gives them the time to speed around and exhaust their energy. Here are some ideas to keep it fun:

  • Bundle up for a walk and play “I Spy” as you walk around the neighborhood.

  • Ramp it up and challenge everyone to alternate walking and running every time you change direction or make a turn on your path.

  • Art and fitness in one! As you walk around, have everyone note what they are seeing and when you get home, draw or paint a picture of it.

“Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?”

As much as I enjoy the beach over snow, I do love to see the fluffy white stuff on a short-term basis. If it comes to your house, find your inner kid and join in the fun to make a snowman, snow angels, and of course go sledding! If the white stuff never falls, make sure to have the kids help you take down on all the outdoor holiday décor. It gives your family more time to hang out together and also stay active.

One day our kids will be grown and we’ll miss these memories. So, this time with family is to be extremely cherished, and it doesn’t hurt to be active in a different way over a few weeks. The holiday season is crazy busy, but there are definitely ways to keep your movement and workouts on track. They just might include a few little helpers and creativity.

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

Let’s get Fired Upp!


How to stay fit with kids over holiday break

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