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2018: Intentions for the Best Year Yet

Kiss the past goodbye because you’re leaving 2017 in the dust! During this last week, I’m always asked questions about New Year’s resolutions and plans. Plans to kick a habit, plans for a fresher start, plans for a more health-conscious life. Overall, the main theme I gather is the desire for change. Big or small, everyone wants to see a change in their day-to-day. Though the “want” is definitely there, sometimes it’s tricky finding the “how” to your intentions.

Well…here’s how!

Word Up

2017 was the first year chose a word of the year. I chose SIMPLICITY. In every decision I made or action I took, this little word was in the back of my head. I recharged my organization skills tackling just about every room in my house one month at a time, I simplified systems in my business, I chose simple, pre-cut veggies at the grocery store, and more. Living a simpler life was wonderful and made me feel really good, which is the point, right?

This year I’ve chosen JOY. Life is too short not to be guided by happiness in both what you do and whom you surround yourself with, so I’m totally excited to see what 2018 brings.

Choosing your word… Your word will set your intention for the year. Your word will help you improve your life. Your word will act as a reminder of how you want to feel throughout the year. It could be a word that is positive, motivational, and inspirational. It could be a word where you need increased energy and focus. Just choose a word that feels like you and fits your life and goals right now.

Take It In

This year is all about staying aware. “What does that mean?” you ask? It could be taking time out of your day to notice others at work, or acknowledging the sheer beauty of nature, or just putting down the technology and observing your surroundings with intrigue. Allowing yourself to slow down and be up close and personal with your environments will put you more in perspective with your place in the world. So chin up, power down, and look around!

Your Best Friend, You

Before that shiny, glittery ball drops in NYE this weekend, I want you to reintroduce yourself to someone incredible… You! Appreciate your uniqueness and use it to your advantage in 2018! You know yourself better than anyone. Your limits, your potential – all of it! This comes in handy when tackling each and every goal you’re setting. It’s up to you to make goals and intentions that will align with your style and expectations.

Positive Spin

The other day my husband called me out on not using one of my typical positive statements. He said, “That sure didn’t sound like a very positive thing to say.” I had to admit he was right and changed up what I had originally said. It made me giggle that he had been paying attention to my attempts to keep things positive in our house.

Bernard Roth, author of The Achievement Habit: Stop Wishing, Start Doing, and Take Command of Your Life, discusses some helpful principals of how to swap out words we use on a regular basis and thought I’d share a couple to think about and implement this year.

  • Swap out “BUT” for “AND”: Roth says using the word, “but”, tricks our mind out of believing we are capable of an opportunity in our life. For instance, I want to eat better, but I just don’t have time to make healthy meals.” Instead try saying, “I want to eat better and I’m going use quick, simple meals to help me do so.”

  • Swap out “HAVE TO” for “WANT TO”: You don’t want to feel forced into a situation and that is exactly what the phrase “has/have to” makes us believe. Think about this example, “I have to lose weight this year”. Instead try saying, “I want to lose weight this year to be healthy and feel the best I can.”

These simple swaps can put just the positive spin on things you need to accomplish your goals. The more you use swaps like these, the better you will feel about the choices you make – even when you are a little resistant to them at times.

It is true that change often involves anxiety and discomfort. It also includes excitement, focus and happiness. Embracing a behavior change with good intentions is the first step. However, your feelings about that change are the difference in wanting to change you life and succeeding, so focus on the latter. Just keep looking for the good stuff in life, keep things as positive as you can, and let that motivational word of the year guide you to your best year yet.

Let’s get Fired Upp & take 2018 by storm!


Intentions for the New Year

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