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Overcoming Fear of Failure

Let's talk about fear. I'll go first. I'm a perfectionist that is working on not being so hard on myself. I have learned that I don't need a perfect house or material things.... But, I still struggle with being a perfectionist of all things I basically create. Kinda exhausting sometimes. Ha! So, one thing that continues to get in the way of my goals time and time again is the fear of failing. You know, no matter what your goal is, it is really hard to put yourself out there! It's a little ironic, because I'm actually a person that doesn't really care what others think about my decisions. I've always felt confident in choices I make even when they turn out not as great as I hoped. (It's probably because I research everything to death before taking action and feel like I gave it my all, haha!). What I DO care about though is letting MYSELF down. I am a competitive-natured person, but I honestly compete the most with myself. I guess that's what has helped me along my journey of refining and becoming a better version of myself. Fear can paralyze you from taking action. It has me for a countless number of goals. But, I made a pact with myself to eventually work through those fears. It really does sometimes take me months of research and education before I feel confident enough to take action, but all that matters is that I do it on my time. No matter how scared or overwhelmed you are to start or even continue with a goal, the ULTIMATE accountability truly has to come from YOU. Gather and learn the tools you need. Educate yourself with steps and tricks that will allow your goals to seamlessly fit into your life. And most of all, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! My guess is that you have others around that love and support you, too. :) You deserve to look, feel and live better in whatever capacity that may be. So, speaking of one of my BIGGEST fears that I am overcoming.... You may have seen my ANNOUNCEMENT on Facebook or Instagram.... I actually did it!! I STARTED A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

Kinda freaking out a bit last night as it went "live", but it's now out there for all to see. OMG! It's so out of my comfort zone, and I'm a little robotic and weird on camera out of the gate, but I'm determined to get better! This time of year can get really hard to get all your workouts in. So, if you want a quick, 15-minute full body workout, CHECK OUT THE VIDEO. You can follow along in you're own living room with limited equipment. Thanks for supporting my journey, and I continue to LOVE supporting yours. Let's get fired UPP, Natalie

Overcoming fear of failure

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