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Updated: Nov 2, 2020

If you are a woman around 40 years old or so, you most likely have experienced overwhelm, stress, cravings for sugar or wine, difficulties sleeping, trouble saying “no”, dragging energy and weight gain that won’t freakin’ go away.

In the video below I’m sharing how to turn these symptoms around so you can start losing fat again.

Our hormones start shifting around 35 years old, but most women notice big changes at 40 and through menopause. Losing weight at our age is no longer about calories in vs. calories out, it’s about what our hormones are doing.

I’m teaching three key weight loss tips for women over 40 to get ahead of the game. If you’re wondering how to get rid of belly fat and just look and feel better (even after 40) – this video is for you!

These fat loss tips will help you tackle hormonal weight gain. Losing weight over 40 IS possible with these simple lifestyle changes. I’ve seen it with myself and with my clients.

You can do it, too!

Let’s get FIRED UPP!


P.S. Let me walk you through the daily steps and support you in your fat loss journey! Join my 9-Week Mom Bod Tune-Upp!


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