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How to Deal with The Hormonal Roller Coaster

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

How to Deal with the Hormonal Roller Coaster

As we grow up we are taught all about what will happen when we hit puberty, but for some reason nobody gives us a heads up on the second type of puberty we will go through - the menopause transition AKA perimenopause. We are not taught that we could be in perimenopause for 8–10 years, struggling with odd symptoms that come and go.

I recently hit menopause the day after turning 49 this spring. I'm often asked how long I had symptoms and/or cycle changes. I'm still dealing with some changing symptoms that I talk about in the interview. But, I recently looked back at my Clue app (where I used to track my cycle) and I realized that I had cycle changes for a full 5 years! I didn't even realize it was that long. My other random symptoms started right before turning 40, so I was definitely one that was on the hormonal roller coaster for a full decade.

I was excited to do my first full hormone panel recently testing my estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA and cortisol levels at 4 times of the day. It was interesting to bring me some more insight into my current hormonal symptoms and why things are happening. Information like this and symptoms are key to narrowing in on root causes of what is going on during this time in our life.

I have literally made it a mission to educate mid-life women about the changes that perimenopause and menopause bring and help them implement actions to make a smooth transition. So, I am thrilled to share a recent interview I had with hormone health educator and expert, Candace Burch from Your Hormone Balance. I love sharing even more education to my community on this!

To help you digest the information easier, I split the interview into two YouTube videos talking about different topics.

“Dealing with Menopause Naturally | Stress, Sleep and Hormones with Candace Burch”

“Hormone Imbalance Causes | Toxins, Adrenals, Birth Control, And Hormone Testing With Candace Burch”

Check the videos out and share them with a friend who is riding the hormonal roller coaster.

Hope you're feeling FIRED UPP!



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