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Your Choices Make ALL the Difference

For those of you who are keeping track, there is just a little over one week until Thanksgiving and only 40 days until Christmas. YIKES! Are you ready for the holidays? The holidays are a special time of the year, but it is also the time of the year that we lose sight of those goals and get relaxed about our choices. Unfortunately, the added stress, the need to be perfect, and the extra festivities cause us to give ourselves a “free pass” and vow to start fresh in the New Year. So, how can this season be different? The choice is YOURS. Fast Forward: Rather than choosing that extra dessert or glass of wine, think more of how you will feel the next day or the next week, or better yet, January 1 when you are setting New Year’s resolutions. Your future self will Thank You. Set Limits: Unless you plan on living under a rock this holiday season, you are going to celebrate. And I encourage to have a stress-free holiday and enjoy yourself. At the same time, set your boundaries. Have your limits in mind before you attend an event. Track how you did. Hold yourself accountable. Reward Yourself: That’s right! Reward yourself. Stress levels generally increase this time of the year, so rather than foregoing all of the goals you worked so hard all year to achieve; reward yourself other than with food. Take a nap, jump on the treadmill, go for a brisk walk, get your nails painted. Whatever takes you to a place of bliss, without adding inches to your hips. Get Support: Positive behavior change is easier achieved when you have a strong support system. Make sure your friends and family are aware of your goals. This will alleviate undue pressure to indulge during that work party. Choose to be the best version of yourself today and every day, especially during the holiday season. The next 40 days and the choices you make during this time, will make ALL the difference. Your biggest cheerleader, Nat P.S. If you want to be apart of an awesome group of supportive moms wanting to improve their health and fitness, join us in the Ignite Your Health Mom Squad Facebook Group.

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