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Exercises to Tighten Arm Flab

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Just dropped my latest video, EXERCISES TO TIGHTEN ARM FLAB | NETFLIX & TONE!

After the workout I share an embarrassing, but secret tip that I do to keep my arms looking toned if I’ve got a big night out. So watch it, but no making fun! haha!

Tempo training (how fast/slow you lift and lower your weight) arms is one of my favorite ways to feel the burn! So if your flabby arms are driving you nuts, this is the circuit for you!

If you find yourself wasting hours at night binge watching Netflix, I encourage you to try out this workout while watching your favorite show. Who doesn’t love saving time?? It’s a 6-minute upper body workout that you can repeat for 3 total rounds.

Tank tops are calling your name! Happy watching and let me know what you think after trying it!

Let's get FIRED UPP!


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